Solutions for your Stair Lift, Elevator, and Accessibility Needs

Missouri Stairway Lift Corp is Missouri’s premier provider of home elevators and stairway lifts. With 30 years of experience, you can rest assured that your residential elevator, stairway lift, vertical platform lift, or lift chair from Missouri Stairway Lift will be safe and reliable for many years to come!

Our service crews are well-equipped and factory trained to ensure that equipment is installed and serviced with the highest level of quality, which lowers your maintenance costs and minimizes down time.  We service and install many types of accessibility equipment even if not purchased from us directly.

Stairway Lifts

The convenience and ease of use of our stairway lifts will impress you. Sometimes called stair lifts or chair lifts, the style and quiet ride will comfort you.

  • Uninstalled stairway lifts start at $1,995.
  • Installed stairway lifts start at $3,300.
  • Used stairway lifts start at $1,500.

Home Elevators

Residential elevators can add value to your home without costing a fortune! These elevators carry up to 1000 lbs and accommodate multiple passengers, a wheelchair and caregiver, or even a scooter.

We offer complete customization allowing homeowner the option to mix and match to create an elevator that will perfectly fit any decor or architecure.

Wheelchair Lifts

In a restricted space, providing handicapped accessibility can be tricky. Standards today require ramps to be less steep and guarded. In many cases, there simply isn’t room for a proper ramp.

Platform lifts are a safe, smooth and economical solution to the barriers, porches, staircases, decks and other elevation changes can create in and around a home. Available in heights from 4 to 6 feet and for use indoors and out.

Lift Chairs

Relaxing in a quality recliner can be very resting. But getting up can be quite a challenge for many of us. A powered lifting recliner is the answer to this common dilemma.

With a lift chair, you can move from fully reclined to sitting to standing all at the touch of a button.

A power lift chair, with many sizes, colors and fabrics to choose from, can make standing and resting a smooth and safe movement.


A convenient and low-cost way to transport goods between floors, our dumbwaiters can solve your problems. A dumbwaiter uses a minimal amount of space to move items from one floor to another.

We have stainless steel commercial dumbwaiters for food service applications as well as attractive hardwood dumbwaiters for your home or office.